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 FIVE DAY RAIN was officially released by NIGHT WINGS RECORDS on the 22nd of  May 2006. Not bad, for an album that was recorded in 1970! It has four previously unheard tracks, a twelve page booklet explaining all, the only photo of FDR that is known to be in existence and a new cover picture by JOHN HURFORD. JOHN has never given his permission for his artwork to be used on the pirated version. Apparently it was lifted from OZ magazine, without his knowledge.

Take a look at JOHN'S new site, featuring his incredible talent at: www.johnhurford.co.uk

There are now 500 numbered, limited edition copies of the album, on vinyl, which may be purchased through NIGHT WINGS RECORDS.

In September 2005  Night  Wings Records, in Italy, contacted me and asked if I'd like to officially release Five Day Rain.  I had  four extra backing tracks on acetate, from the original sessions, that had never been used. I have added vocals and guitars, produced by myself  and PEPPER at Bliss, Rottingdean, UK.  Night Wings asked me to write a twelve page booklet on the bands I have been in and the brilliant artist JOHN HURFORD has done a new cover picture.

Apologies to BRIAN CARROLL,  for putting him in the booklet as second engineer. Along with DAMON, he had an equal amount of input, maybe more, in the concept, engineering and production of the original FDR material. This is totally my fault, as I edited the booklet many times , and missed it.  No excuses, sorry BRIAN.

Hopefully, the official release will now stop the unscrupulous people who have been selling the album illegally, over many years. So, I would suggest that you only buy the new version with this cover.

Sunday Express Article 11-06-06

(As you can see, the media don't always get all the facts right!)

Below is a link to a review of FDR by SHINDIG.


A lot of hard work has gone into the official release of this album and I thank  Night Wings Records for their total dedication to getting every aspect right.


Below are six mono clips of tracks that will be on the official release. These were on all the pirated versions. There will be fourteen tracks on the album altogether.

There are different versions of FALLOUT and THE REASON WHY on THE MUSIC PAGE

The Reason Why (Sharpe)

Good Year (Sharpe)

Sea Song (Sharpe)

Fallout (Sharpe)

Rough Cut Marmalade (Five Day Rain)

Lay Me Down (Sharpe)

There were other tracks on the original white labels, but they have been lost. Unfortunately, the masters for this album have all  disappeared.

Here are clips from the four extra tracks.

1.Antonia      2.So don't worry      3.The Boy      4.Wanna make Love to you

1.Antonia is an instrumental, for my daughter.

2. So don't worry. If your honest and true to what you believe in, then you don't have to worry.

3. The Boy. Open up your heart and let the sun shine in.

4. Wanna make Love to you. I do hope that this does not need an explanation!

BBC SOUTHERN COUNTIES radio interview TUESDAY 30/05/06.

You can purchase the official FIVE DAY RAIN and other NIGHTWINGS albums from:

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Antonia Sharpe

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               L to R: Graham Maitland, Dick Hawkes, Rick Sharpe, Clive Shepherd         

I think that this may be the only FDR pic. in existence.

Dick  Hawkes was the original FDR drummer, and was in IRON PROPHET

IRON PROPHET: Below L to R: RICK, CLIVE, DICK (Circa 1969)

I feel as though I have to set the record straight about who did what, as nearly all the reviews got it wrong. It was not just a studio band, as  we did do several well received gigs. (See reviews below). The band was not from Scotland, only Graham Maitland was. It was formed from a three piece band of mine called IRON PROPHET, ( see more adventures of  them on the HISTORY  page) which had been gigging for a good two years prior to FDR . It was also not just a band to back Graham Maitland. I wrote two tracks, and co-wrote most of the rest, as did Clive.

The original name of 'FIVE DAY RAIN' was going to be 'THE ENTIRE BUILDING IS ABOUT TO COLLAPSE', until we realised that it would need a three foot wide album cover to get it on. It came about after Brian and I had been over to the Dover Castle, behind IBC Studios, for a small libation, one lunchtime. Many hours,  and several barrels of brandy later, on lurching back to the studio, one of us came out with, on seeing a shimmering building in front of us, "Bloody Hell, it looks as though the entire building is about to collapse". We stopped dead in our tracks, both having a spiritual (in more ways than one) revelation. "We, got it. We bloody got it!" ,we yelled, and went back to the pub to celebrate!

I will always remember one time we had spent some twenty four hours recording at IBC. We came out into the afternoon sunshine, much the worse for wear, having partaken copious quantities of alcohol, and other consumables. The car , which was a maroon Austin 1100, was parked out front of IBC. Graham, whose car it was, took a long time unlocking it. Oblivious to this, the rest of us were trying to find our shades, and giggling at nothing. "Graham" I gurgle. "Whass  up old chap?" he replied, grinning hugely." I can't get the bloody door open". "Letsh have a go, your drunk!" I offer, by way of explanation. We all had a go . No luck. Just then, a police constable, who had been watching us suspiciously, strolled up. "This your car Sir?" He said to Graham. I thought they only said that in films. "Yes officer" replies Graham. "And I think that the lock is damaged. We can't get in" The policeman tries. Again, no luck. By this time several builders, office girls, and passers by, are all offering to help. The policeman, after some twenty minutes of conversing with builders, and the twenty strong crowd, pops into IBC, returns with a coat hanger, and tells everybody to turn their backs while he proceeds to pull up the lock button with the unwound coat hanger. By this time I am saying to Graham " Graaaham!" Graham tells me to shush. "But, Graham," I whisper, "it's...." " For Christ's sake shut up Rick, he's nearly done it." " Okay" I shrug, and the policeman opens the door to a round of applause. We all pile in the car. "Phew, what a relief" Graham hisses. " I don't think so." Graham looks at me," What d'ya mean?" "It's not our bloody car." 


  Rick Sharpe: lead/rhythm , six and twelve string acoustic guitars, harmonica and vocals.

Graham Maitland: Keyboards, Vocals & Accordion, Moog & Mellotron.

Clive Shepherd: Bass, Guitar, Vocals.         Kim Haworth: Drums.         John Holbrook: Guitar

The incredibly talented Sharon Tandy was on backing vocals, along with Lynn Maitland, Graham's wife, as were Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell & Dan Peek  from the band  AMERICA.

Graham Maitland  passed away several years ago, with skin cancer.

Lynn Maitland has since worked with DAVID BOWIE on SCARY MONSTERS and toured with THE RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS, among others.

The album was recorded at IBC Studios in Portland Place, London, during 1970. Some of the best albums and singles of the 60's and 70's come out of there. Sadly, the premises are now offices. Brian Carroll and the legendary engineer Damon Lyon-Shaw produced and mixed for their own 'HOMEGROWN MUSIC' company. Brian started as a disc cutter there, and cut the likes of  Jimi Hendrix, Small Faces, and 'Live at Leeds' for the Who. Damon engineered all the major LP's of the late 60's and early 70's for everyone from The Who, The Small Faces, Status Quo, Cream and the Rolling Stones. Albums such as Tommy, and Farewell Cream.

It appears that this album is on sale on some forty locations on the net, which is amazing for an album that has never been released!  Trouble is, I have never  had a penny from it! I am investigating. So, if any of you good people out there have any info on any of this, please drop me a line. The original studio 'White Labels' are going for up to 1,500, and the CD's are selling for up to about $40 a unit.







MMX1  R.Sharpe



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