Born 13-03-85

Below are some pictures of Antonia with including stills from some of the parts she has played.



Here are a few tracks recorded in Dec 2005 and April 2006.

The first cut   Pieces of me 

"Wunderland" was recorded in 2003.


There are a few more tracks to remix, including a track written by both of us. I'll add them soon.



Street Dance from eleven years old.

1997- Theatre of The West- Musical "Gypsy". Main children's role

1998- Main Role in the film: Liebe,Lügen und Geheimnisse. The film won best Production Prize.

2000 TV. Soap: "Im Namen des Gesetzes" for RTL (German TV Co.)

2000- Working as vocalist for FX-Recordings.

2003-Singing with Erci_E in his studio, "Klapp Sounds"
He released an Album with Antonia singing one of her own songs "Wunderland" in 2004 in Turkey.

In 2004: Drama school in Berlin.: Film and Theatre
She is in the in the fourth Semester now and finishes in September 2007

2005- Worked for "blue-pm.

December 2005: Recording and gigging with me.

April 2006: Writing, recording and gigs with me.


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