This page is  a discography of the music that I have written and played since 1967. I shall be adding tracks as and when I can get them loaded properly without losing too much quality. Unfortunately, a lot of the stuff on this page will be at different volume levels, due to age  and what it was recorded on, but I'll try my best to keep it on a reasonable level. I would also appreciate it if you could let me know if they take a long time to load.

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I have disabled right click, as a lot more people are making money out of my music than I am. This is only a token gesture, as I do know that if people really want download it, they will! However, if you are tone deaf enough to want to buy it, I am putting a CD together. So e-mail me if you would like to purchase a copy.

I have now moved the SHINE stuff to a page of it's own, together with the tributes  to Oz Garvey, and Ron Aspery.


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 Here are the first two tracks I ever wrote [who said, 'and it shows'?] These were both written in 1967, but these recordings were done in1977 at Surrey Sound Studios in Dorking, Surrey. Bass and Keyboards on both were played by Neil Carter. Neil and myself did the guitars, and I did all the vocals and harp. I can't remember who the drummer was! You can tell FALLOUT was a sixties song, as I wasn't really sure what it was all about! No change there, then.

The Reason Why



This one was written in 1982. We recorded it at Wilbury Grove Studios in Hove, Sussex. Sadly like the way of all good things, that studio has long since disappeared. We had done the backing track, and I had no words. I was sitting in the gents in the studio, wondering what to write, when the backing track came echoing through the heating ducts, thus giving me inspiration. Or maybe it was Mr.J.Daniels..... Steve plays bass, and does the harmonies, Stuart Green played drums, and I did the other bits. I only appear to have a mono version of it!

Fly Away


This next track is  a version of the brilliant Lowell George song, that we did live in the Invisible Men set:

  Can't Stand The Rain   Recorded on a four track on 17/10/89.


House Of Glass  

I always saw this as motor car driving music. Oft is the time I have thundered down the Queens highway, late at night, listening to this and imagining I was in a Bond movie!

This is in fact an instrumenstral. We only play it once a month!

Recorded on a TEAC Portastudio in circa1989, the drum machine was a Yamaha RX17.This is also a mono version. I think that we originally wrote this as a test piece, to see what the 4 track could do. Steve and I played all the parts, and the backwards tape, was in fact that! The tape was twisted over, and recorded like that. wow! the marvels of modern technology, eh!


Away From Me

I make no excuses for this one. Recorded circa 1988, I have always wanted to write a three minute pop song, and this is it. Again this is recorded on a TEAC 4 track, with an RX17. Steve and I played everything on it.


Eternal Mother

This is one of Steve's songs, a true story, about a lovely foster mother, who had  ten fostered children. The bureaucrats told her she was to old to have any more, even though she was quite capable. It was her whole world and it broke her heart. This one was done at Wilbury Grove. Stuart Green played drums, and I can't remember who the sax player was. I did the vocals and guitars. Steve did the bass and backing vox, and I think we both did the keyboards.


Broken Mirrors

I wrote this one when I was going through a period of not knowing what I wanted to do next, where I wanted to be, or who I wanted to be with. Judging from the lyrics, I must have felt pretty down at the time. Wilbury Grove circa 1982. Stuart on drums again, Steve on bass, and I still can't remember who the sax player was.



The players are as above. This is about boredom. The boredom of having to get a grip on things before you go over the edge. That trudging boredom of  the reality that life is a road without end, and nothing new, or nice is going to happen. Fortunately, I don't feel like that too often these days. I wish!!!!!


Things Get Better

Well, we sang about things getting better, and low and behold they got  worse. Never tempt fate! Recorded in 1982 at Wilbury Grove, with Stuart on drums.


MMX1  R.Sharpe

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