Here are a few tracks from a  short lived band we put together in 2001. Called 'SHINE', the four piece band didn't  achieve a lot, but we managed to record a few tunes that I am quite pleased with,

and had a few laughs along the way. The first four tracks are a tad quieter than the last three, so I suggest you whack up the old volume to weapons grade level.

Right click is disabled on this page, but if you would like a copy of any the SHINE stuff, let me know.

Steve, Rick, Jasper & Oz


 Rick Sharpe: Guitars/ Vocals/ Harmonica

Steve Geoghan: Bass/ Vocals/Guitar

Jasper Vincent: Guitars/ Slide/ Backing Vocals

Oz Garvey: Drums


' Way Past Midnight '


Eric Wright plays the solo on Back Porch, and guitar on Way Past Midnight and Heaven Knows.

Click on a song title below to hear it.

1. Ain't No Runnin' Away. R.Sharpe

2. Wrong Place, Wrong Time. R.Sharpe

3. Certain Girl. N.Neville.

4. Sweet, Sweet Liquor. R.Sharpe

5. Sittin' On The Back Porch. R. Sharpe

6. Way Past Midnight. R. Sharpe

7. Heaven Knows. S. Geoghan

Tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 R.Sharpe.2002. Track 7 S.Geoghan.2002.

Here's a live track recorded at the Hampden Arms, South Heighton, Sussex. Friday 2/08/02.

Riot In Cell Block # 9


SHINE  rehearsal stuff

Here are a few rehearsal tracks. I'm sorry the quality is not as it should be, but the tapes have deteriorated. I think that these were made around 2000. The line up then was Ozzy, Steve, Myself, Eric Wright on guitar, and on these sessions, the phenomenal  Ron Asprey, was playing sax. Say no more! The first track is a bare bones version of  Back Porch. It was the first rehearsal of it!

Sittin' On The Back Porch

I enjoyed playing guitar on this next one. One of the few efforts that I was reasonably happy with. It was never in the SHINE set, and was really just a jam. Nicky guests on vocals. Ron plays a blinding solo on this. A bit reminiscent of the one he did on Hazel O'Connors 'STAY'. Oz also shows that he ain't just a Rock n' Roll drummer. This sort of playing always brings out the best in me! I've had to load this in mono, as the file size is too large in stereo.

Ball And Chain

Yep! This is the one everybody does in there first R&B band. I seem to have done this in every band I have ever been in.

Walking The Dog

And the other one that any self respecting R&B player would not be without, still one of my favourites.

Call Me The Breeze

Ron Aspery

Sadly, another one of my heroes, the talented Ron Aspery passed away yesterday Weds.10th.Dec.2003. I shall be loading a couple more tracks that he played on with SHINE, as soon as poss. He could be a cantankerous old bugger sometimes, but I never tired of listening to his colourful music biz stories. And , when I was pretty much down and out, he was a diamond. On occasion, I would pop out for a swift half with him, and end up being poured into a taxi, many hours later. He was tortured soul, as are many musicians, and I am  happy for him because he is now happy. I am honoured to have recorded a bit with him, and played a few gigs too.

God Bless You, Ron

Oz Garvey.

1st.Oct.1951. - 31st.Oct.2003.

An exceptional drummer, and my friend.

Thursday 27th.Nov.2003.Ozzy's funeral.

Ozzy's funeral was held at the downs crematorium, at 3:15 today. It was tastefully organised by Dave Barnard. God bless you mate, for handling something that I know was extremely painful for you. Dave and Eric Wright sang a couple of numbers in the church. One was 'Eve Of Destruction', Ozzy's favourite song. We all went back to THE PORTLAND afterwards. A lot of people played, and Steve, Jasper, myself, and  Dallas Foster on drums [ an excellent player] did a few of the tracks we used to do in the SHINE set, among them 'SWEET, SWEET, LIQUOR'. It was all a fitting tribute to a guy that was always one of my heroes, and always will be.

                                     What hangover!!   



Left to right, Oz Garvey, Rick Sharpe, Steve Geoghan


Rick, Jas and Oz during a break from the world tour

[Of the Jack Daniels distillery]


 Rogues Gallery     

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black and white photos by

   Pete Early


MMX1  R.Sharpe


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